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Пожалуйста, подберите кто-нибудь риф к песне
st_angerДата: Суббота, 31.07.2010, 17:50 | Сообщение # 1
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Собственно сабж,- песня внизу моя, знакомых музыкантов нет..хотелось "кач" as Godsmack, SOAD, ну и наше все конечно..Очень буду признателен!!!! Критика также, без особого желания конечно, но принимается)) также хочу сказать, заранее, спасибо всем, кто хотя бы прочитает сие))

P.s. Извиняюсь у админа за создание темы, ибо не нашел подходящей..можно перекинуть..

I dont know what to say --entry-
Dont know whom to trust
All I see is the blade
The sword from the glass

Listen now,
Dont take it all to heart
You'll understand what this song all about...

Feelings, what a foolish words
Throw that things away
We'll show you some codes
You'd better shut up and lay

Close your eyes,
Fantasy could become finally
Let's develop some lies,
What's the difference between you and me!? --entry's end--

When angels talking to you
The hope filling your heart
And the sun show us the new
Man, reveals battle apart

Battle of demons in sorrow
And the last one of devil's slave
Crying that the are no morron
Fucker, barried his honour and brave

Do you hear this voice!?--chorus, имеется ввиду изменение ритма..дальше по тексту такой же смысл у "припевов"--
Silence making scream loud
Man has always a choice
To fly or prey with the crowd--chorus--

Dont believe to the beast "in the mirror"
He's trying to help you …Is it himself or it’s only you?....
Do you see this prist!?
He's writting this lie by the cue

Hero doesnt exist in our souls
This's only the word in your mind
Soldier's seeking for calls
'Cos he'll never be kind

Good sometimes getting bad
For people waiting their hour
Let your mind seek for the led
Once you'll come to another

You trust to republic!--chorus--
Get away from that shit!
Fucking sick democratic!
I'm not sure indeed--chorus--

Revolution would clean your heart
By the rain of hellfire
Open that door for a halfpart
Something changes against your desire

Find your way through the feelings
To the land of the fallen love
I'm just teasing your weakness
Laugh with me in the funny bough

Break that ice!--chorus--
Find me a water!
All you, asking for death
You have no wise
I can bring you a bottle
Drink for making new breathe--chorus--

What is left of your dreams?
Just those drops on your face
That's all by the lier kiss
What you gonna do in this case?

May be (you) should do your better?
Or stop your running brains
Stop! Dont write this letter!
No one knows there it ends

One answer for too many questions
For strangers walking in dark
They must have some patience
And someday become rise of the luck

If you say, you should to pay for your mindless
For a having nice game
Fuck! Cant you see!?
You're so fucking grey!

Grey is the colour of nothing
Look to yourself, get up from the ground

Leave ma alone, please...please...

From this words his power only increase...


Сообщение отредактировал st_anger - Суббота, 31.07.2010, 18:05
Disturbed_DanyaДата: Суббота, 31.07.2010, 19:52 | Сообщение # 2
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st_anger, создание новых тем никоим образом не возбраняется. Наоборот, ты молодец, что не стал оффтопить где-нибудь в "Стихах" или еще где. Помочь тебе я, к сожалению, не могу, потому как играть умею только на нервах))) Думаю, имеет смысл подождать BroN-а. Он у нас гитарист, так что рифы по его части. Кстати, стихи отличные!

Madness is the gift, that has been given to me © Disturbed
st_angerДата: Понедельник, 02.08.2010, 17:38 | Сообщение # 3
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Спасибо Даня) ну бум ждать значится)
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